Serj Tankian – Fears

- CHECK THE LYRICS HERE – New music of Serj Tankian, written especially for the Write-A-Thon, for human rights. LYRICS: A look from your heart stare, Imagine all the tear, You took upon your fragile heel The mirror of the hate You filled your heart with fate To avenge your loved long lost fears We pound our fist to the face, Of fear to seize the cruelty, Arresting your silence and Freeing your poor soul. The prison walls can tell The agony from hell You felt within your melting soul Faces on the cell Reminding you of the kill I don’t want to be in the world disguised, Fighting for each others lives. We pound our fist to the face, Of fear to seize the cruelty, Arresting your silence and Freeing your poor soul. Do we, do we shelter all our dreams On our fears, when we, when we listen to our fears Oh no please Do we, do we shelter all our dreams Oh no please. We pound our fist to the face, Of fear to seize the cruelty, Arresting your silence and, Freeing your poor soul. So I’m gonna find you Yes, I’m gonna find you And I’m gonna find myself in you And I’m gonna lose myself Fear – x – Amnesty International
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Serj Tankian – Fears”

  1. CompleteGit says:

    I hear Question – Daaa dadaa dadadadada, daaa dadaa dadadadada!!!!

  2. Billyce18 says:

    is this song from the Soil (the old band of them)?

  3. andrenui says:

    merece um clipe XD

  4. Travor1269 says:

    @elenixrist yah it’s alot different and a whole hell of a lot better than most of the crap they call music nowdays. system was great but i am glad that now they are doing there own thing now too like scars on broadway and serj’s solo stuff is good too espically when you know what they are singing about

  5. MadKetz says:

    @Travor1269 oprah!?

  6. elenixrist says:

    @Travor1269 ooo nice!!! I didn’t know that… :D his voice is different..!

  7. Travor1269 says:

    @elenixrist his voice is so good because before sysem he was auctally a oprah singer

  8. AT3921 says:

    Hiatus not broke up together still just break time

  9. systemofadorkable says:

    good but not as good as soad together

  10. tansvanio says:

    @Dillbob1 Ahhh fuck :/

  11. Dillbob1 says:

    @tansvanio actually, right after that post, serj replied that system was not getting back together

  12. tansvanio says:

    I heard they are going to get back after this summer, when serj´s new album is released, also it appears that john, daron and shavo wanted to bring system back, they were just waiting for serj and his second album, also, shavo posted a message saying “Are you ready for system?” on his twitter…
    Really hope this time they will get really back :D

  13. Tr1st0 says:

    best singer in the world!

  14. enemyofall67 says:



  15. a1leo1a says:

    i like serj’s solo songs, and i also do like the songs from scars on broadway…..
    the 2 projects are really great – but they won’t be nearly as awesome as soad!

  16. SupERbiEneE says:


  17. kevjones93 says:

    hes probably the best singer ever since he can sing literally every genre from metal to opera

  18. jareddaboy says:

    serj needs a better back up band… oh i got an idea hb you get back with soad … everybody that has good taste in music wants u guys to get back together

  19. gibboj94 says:

    * sung lol. 1:56-2:22 reminds me of “Question” ( :

  20. gibboj94 says:

    Everyone of his songs is sunk with so much passion, it’s amazing ( :

  21. soad4thelife says:

    Just perfect, nothing else…

  22. JaffTheLord says:

    Serj is really great! – Daron is also really great!
    The best-> When they sing TOGETHER!!!
    Bring SOAD back!

  23. littlebit725 says:

    @chaz76vette agreed

  24. JackLeft13 says:

    @kitkins13 iTunes is your friend.

  25. chaz76vette says:

    @NihilisticManeater he repeats “do we, do we…” on the same notes as in question, and then repeats “when we, when we…” on the same notes as well – I would definitely say it’s an homage to the song

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